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Crack Down on Cracks: This 5 Minute Siding Inspection Will Save You Big Time.

Keeping your home’s exterior in good condition is critical to avoiding unwanted pest infestations, structural damage, and costly repairs. Every year, I see so much water damage occur over the winter. New Year’s Day is the best time to go out and take a look around the house for small maintenance issues. Don’t skip out on these 3 things to look out for.

Cracks in siding joints allow water to get behind the siding and start damaging the sheathing and framing of your home. What’s worse is that you often can’t see a bad problem until it’s way too late. The best thing you can do for your home is to walk around and look for any cracks in the siding and trim. If you find some, use caulk to seal them up right away. Pro Tip: If you don’t want to paint it right away, use a clear exterior-grade caulk. Then you can touch up the paint in the spring once it warms up.

Rotten Masonite Siding

Chimney flashing is notorious for causing water damage. Look for soft spots and signs of water dripping down the chimney wall, right below your gutters. That’s the exact spot you’ll see trouble. If you think you have a problem, look up what kick-out flashing does and call a handyman to install it at those locations. This flashing will work to better shed rainwater away from your siding and into the gutters. If you feel comfortable, install it yourself to save a little money. It’s a fairly simple installation if you are a bit handy yourself.

Lastly, inspect your window sills. Don’t worry, you don’t need a ladder. From inside the house, open the window and take a look at the sill. Do you see cracks, soft spots, or peeling paint? If so you want to seal them up quickly. Remember, if you don’t want to paint right away, consider using clear exterior caulk. Don’t leave it forever, though. Once it’s warm, you need to paint it. Caulk doesn’t last very long without the protective qualities of exterior paint.


That was easy

And just like I promised you’re done! Doing this quick inspection a few times a year will keep you from needing serious repairs in the near future.

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