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Exterior Paint is Your Home's First Line of Defense

Home Exterior Painting in the Birmingham Area

Avoid Repainting Your Home, Year After Year!

When it comes to exterior painting services, a professional exterior painting company that only uses high-quality paints can make all the difference. After all, failing paint is the leading reason for water-damaged siding. Keeping your home’s exterior in good shape is fast and easy when you work with our experienced exterior painters.

At Home Repair Service, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service and high-quality exterior paint and caulk products that are sure to leave your home looking its best. If you’re thinking about getting your exterior painted, our team is here for you! With decades of experience and expertise in exterior painting techniques and materials, we’ll be able to tackle any exterior painting project you can throw our way. So why wait? Contact us for a free quote today!

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At Home Repair Service, we offer professional exterior painting services that last. Call our team at (205) 858-1658 to schedule a callback and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your exterior paint job.

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Exterior Paint Maintenance

Your maintenance habits play an important role in how long your last paint job will hold up. Routine cleaning removes dirt and makes your home shine like the day it was painted. More importantly, annual cleaning can reveal minor issues like cracked caulk, soft spots, and chipped paint, which you can easily fix yourself.

If you don’t care to clean your home’s exterior, schedule a few hours to walk around and look for tell-tale signs of wear and tear. Check your chimney siding near the gutters for water damage and your door jambs for peeling paint. If you find yourself touching up chipped or faded areas more frequently, that could be a sign that it’s time for a full repaint.

Benefits of Exterior Painting

A home’s exterior paint serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. A well-maintained exterior paint job can:

  • Safeguard against weather damage like moisture and sun exposure.
  • Prevent decay, peeling, and structural issues.
  • Seal surfaces, deterring pests like termites.
  • Contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heat absorption.
  • Extend the lifespan of siding and trim, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Enhance curb appeal and raise property value.

Overall, exterior painting plays a crucial role in maintaining your home’s structural integrity, preserving its appearance, and ensuring long-term durability against the elements.

What Makes Home Repair Service Different

Over 50+ Years of Experience

Our extensive experience means we’ve encountered and solved every possible home repair challenge. We provide high-quality workmanship and reliable solutions for our clients.

Family Owned & Operated

As a family-owned business, we bring a personal touch to every project, so you’ll receive attentive, personalized service from a team that genuinely cares about your home as much as you do.

Simple & Straightforward Process

We’ve streamlined our process to make it as simple and hassle-free as possible for you.

Great Experience from Beginning to End

From your first call to the completion of your project, we focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step and ensure satisfaction at every stage of your exterior paint service journey.

Open & Honest Conversations

Transparency is at the heart of our business. We believe in providing clear estimates, realistic timelines, and honest advice to help you make informed decisions.

We’ve Served Over 16,000 Homeowners

We have successfully served over 16,000 homeowners in Birmingham and the surrounding area. Our extensive client base is a testament to our reliability, quality of work, and the trust we’ve built in the community.

Your Exterior Painting FAQs Answered

If you’re wondering how often to paint your home exterior, various factors must be considered. The frequency of exterior painting depends on the type of siding on your home, how much harsh sun exposure the house gets, and how close trees are to the house. Generally speaking, homes with wood or masonite siding need to be repainted every 7-15 years while stucco or brick walls can last up to 20 years before requiring a new coat of paint.

Exterior painting can protect your home from weather damage from moisture and UV rays. It also seals surfaces to protect against termites and other pests. Well-maintained exterior paint can also contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heat absorption. Regular painting can even extend the lifespan of your home’s siding and trim.

Exterior paint is weather-resistant, durable, and flexible. Designed to withstand outdoor conditions like UV rays and moisture, it has higher VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels and a subdued sheen. Interior paint prioritizes aesthetic appeal, washability, and lower VOCs for indoor use. Both types are formulated differently to suit their respective environments and usage requirements.

The cost of exterior painting varies depending on the size and material of your house’s exterior. If repairs need to be made before painting, this will also affect the total cost of painting your home. To get a free quote for your exterior paint job, contact Home Repair Service.

Sun exposure plays an important role in how frequently you’ll need to touch up your home’s paint. On sides of the house with intense sun exposure, the paint may fade quickly and require frequent touch-ups or a full repaint more often than those in shaded locations with less direct sunlight. Alternatively, heavily shaded sides of the house tend to stay wet longer which can lead to water-damaged siding.

Let Us Take Care of Your Home’s Exterior Today

If you can’t remember the last time your home had exterior painting done or are searching for exterior painting companies in Birmingham, AL, don’t hesitate to call Home Repair Service at (205) 858-1658 today!

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