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Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Insured Remodeling Contractors in Birmingham, AL

Protecting Our Team Protects You

Obtaining a copy of your contractor’s license and insurance is crucial before any work begins. Having these documents means you’ve confirmed your contractor is qualified and insured to safely perform any task around your home. It’s a step you shouldn’t skip and is one that we at Home Repair Service take seriously. All of our contractors hold the appropriate licensing and insurance for the state of Alabama and can provide documentation before starting to work.

With our Alabama Unlimited Home Builder and Remodeler License, the state recognizes Home Repair Service for our ability to expertly handle any residential project, big or small, and manage commercial projects for buildings up to three stories. More importantly, it shows that we care about protecting you and your property from the get-go. If you’re looking for a licensed and insured contractor in Birmingham, AL, look no further. Contact us today to request an estimate!

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About Our Certificate of Insurance (COI)

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) summarizes a company’s insurance policies. This is one of the documents you receive when you begin working with Home Repair Service. It shows you what’s covered and how much insurance coverage we have. It contains important information like who our insurance agent is, the types of insurance we have, and how much our policy will pay out per claim. If you’ve misplaced your copy of our COI, please contact us for a replacement.

Types of Insurance We Carry

Insurance is more than just paperwork. It’s peace of mind. Home Repair Service carries multiple types of insurance, all of which are valid in the state of Alabama, including:

Auto Insurance

Auto liability Insurance is another layer of protection on top of the other insurance policies we hold. It covers any vehicle-related incidents that could happen while we are on-site. It’s an essential part of making sure our clients are protected in every way.

Worker's Compensation

You never know what may happen on a job site. That’s why we carry worker’s compensation. It covers our team if they get hurt on the job. This is not just good for them but also for you. It means you’re not liable if an accident happens on your property.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Our $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability insurance covers any damages or injuries that occur while we’re working on your property. It’s a large amount because we want to make sure you’re fully protected, no matter what happens.

Becoming a Licensed & Insured Contractor

Obtaining licensing as a contractor in the state of Alabama is a major accomplishment. Here’s what one of our contractors had to say about their experience.

“Studying for the Alabama Builder’s Exam was an eye-opener. Despite years in construction, it took me four months to prepare. Understanding every detail of home construction was crucial. Now, I’m proud to bring the additional knowledge I gained to all our projects.”

 – Graham Walden, Licensed Contractor

Get a Copy of Our License & Insurance Documents

At Home Repair Service, every customer gets a copy of our license and insurance before any work starts. That way, if anything unexpected happens, you have the information you need right away instead of possibly waiting weeks to get it. If you’re an existing customer who has misplaced their copies of our license and insurance documents, please call us at 205-858-1658 or contact us online. We will send a replacement as soon as possible.

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