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Remodelers perspective, barn doors are being sent back to the shed

Not really doors, just fancy wall curtains

Barn doors were a popular trend in interior design. People liked their rustic charm. They were pocket doors without all the hardware problems. However, trends go in and out in a flash, and there are a few reasons why people are ready to send them packing.


Barn doors: the privacy illusionists.

Barn doors don’t close like traditional doors, leading to a complete lack of privacy. I’ve seen too many people have these installed in their bathroom only to find out that as soon as you flip the light switch in the morning, all the light leaks into the bedroom. If your luck is like mine, that light strikes perfectly across your spouse’s eyes…

The artist’s nemesis

While the barn door and hardware can be a statement piece, it poses one challenge people have often overlooked. They take up way too much wall space. This seriously limits where you can hang your artwork. This might not have been such a problem in the past because there were walls everywhere. Today’s homeowner prefers open, multifunctional spaces. That means there aren’t many places to hang their favorite art piece. Only a few people think their barn door is a beautiful work that inspires their creative side. The rest of us want our walls back.

Barn doors are sliding into passé

Moreover, the rustic look of barn doors is strongly associated with a specific design theme that doesn’t work well with modern interior designs. As design trends move to sleeker, more contemporary looks, barn doors can seem totally out of place. And just like that, they look outdated.

Farm chic? More like farmhouse cliche

The popularity of barn doors has led to them being overused. When something stops representing your uniqueness and starts making you look basic, it’s time for a change. Now, many homeowners are looking for new ways to make their interiors stand out.

T.j. Beckham

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