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Common Home Repairs Everyone Should Know How to Do

Common Home Repairs Everyone Should Know How to Do

Maintaining your home is inevitable for enjoying a quality life. You can fix many problems in your home and save a lot of money doing that. It not only gives the desired peace of mind but also improves the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Therefore, this article will provide you with a detailed checklist along with actionable steps to cover different home repairs and save some precious bucks.

1. Painting a Wall

Painting is one of those simplest and most affordable DIYs that have significant impacts on your home. Here is how you can paint any wall in your home successfully:

● Unscrew all the light switches and outlet covers and put them in plastic bags, so they don’t get lost. If there are a variety of sizes, put them in different bags.

● Get large-scale paint swatches instead of the samples, and check them in your room against the wall to see how they look.

● Protect the furniture and the floor by using drop clothes, and firmly apply tape on window frames and around the moldings.

● Prepare the wall by filling the holes with spackling waste, and use sandpaper to smoothen it out.

● Use a paintbrush at an angle on areas that cannot be painted with a roller, such as ceiling, wall corners, etc.

● Get an extendable paint roller to minimize the use of a ladder.

2. Installing Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are attractive and practical storage solutions for your home. Installing them can be tricky, but DIYers can do it by putting in some effort. All you need is a few useful tools and basic carpentry skills to complete this task.

Here is how you can install wall shelves for home improvement:

● Get the necessary tools, such as a screwdriver, drill, stud finder, level, measuring tape, and shelves.

● Measure the installation area and mark the location of the studs.

● Hold the shelf against the wall and use the level to ensure it is leveled.

● Attach the bracket to the wall using a drill and ensure it is secure in the stud.

● Place the shelf on the bracket and ensure it is level from all sides before fixing it.

3. Patching the Drywall Hole

If you have noticed holes in the drywall, it is time to patch them as soon as possible through the following way:

● You’ll need a drywall saw, putty knife, drywall tape, joint compound, and sandpaper.

● Cut a square outside the hole so that the patch fixes securely.

● Measure the hole and the patch, whose thickness should be equivalent to the wall.

● Put the patch into the hole and secure it using drywall screws.

● Apply a layer of joint compound and seal it with sealing tape. Apply another thin layer of the joint compound over it.

● Let the compound dry for a while.

● Apply the final coat of the compound, smoothen it with sandpaper, and paint to make

it look like the rest of the wall.

4. Fixing the Doors

Doors are everywhere in your home and can face regular problems due to seasonal changes. The usual problem faced by many homeowners is the planing of the door. Here is how you can plane your door successfully for home improvement:

● Take complete measurements to know how much the door needs to be removed.

● Adjust the depth on the power planer so that you only remove what you need to.

● Plane the door by moving smoothly from one side to another while keeping the plane

at a consistent angle.

● Even out the rough spots with fine-grained sandpaper.

● Apply paint or varnish on the door to finish the process.

5. Fixing Squeaky Wooden Floors

Wooden floors look beautiful but can also experience some issues, such as squeakiness. Here is how to fix the issue yourself like a pro:

● Walk around the home and check for squeaks. You can also use a broom to tap on the floor and help locate squeaky boards.

● Now determine the cause of the squeaks, which could be loose or dry floorboards, subfloor separation from the joists, etc.

● If a loose or dry floorboard causes the problem, drive a screw or nail into the joist.

● If it’s the subfloor separation, use a drill and wood screws to reattach it to the joist.

● Lubricate the squeaky area by applying talcum powder or powdered graphite between

the joints.

6. Replacing Older Window Sills

Window sills can experience much damage due to natural factors, such as moisture, which keeps them damp, and fungi start to rot. Hence, sometimes they’re beyond repair and need to be replaced. Here is how you can do it yourself for an effective home renovation:

● Gather the required tools, such as a saw, chisel, level, wood filler, wood glue, new wood, nails/screws, and paint/sealant.

● Cut the sill out using the saw without damaging the frame around it.

● Fill the gaps in the frame with a wood filler and let it dry.

● cut the new wood to size and shape of the opening.

● Paste the wooden glue in the opening and ensure it is even with a level.

● Fix the new sill in place using screws or nails and allow the glue to dry.

● Paint it completely to avoid future damage.

7. Sealing the Wooden Deck

Wooden decks look beautiful and provide a fantastic place to unwind after a tiring day. However, these can become a headache if you don’t maintain them regularly. Most importantly, you need to weather seal it because Alabama receives 56 inches of rain per year, which is 18 inches more than the US average. Here is how to weather-seal your deck like an expert:

● Get a stiff-bristled brush, pressure washer, cleaner, brightener, sealer, and paint roller/brush.

● Remove the dirt and grime using the brush. If it is too sticky, use the pressure washer/garden hose.

● Use the wood cleaner to remove any remaining dirt & grime.

● Use the wood brightener to give the wood a fresh look if it’s looking dull, and let it


● Apply the wood seal on the deck with a paint roller and let it dry completely before

using it.

Make sure you’re doing it on a dry day with temperatures above 50°F. However, you might

need to replace the deck completely if it’s showing signs such as gaps, wobbly boards, etc.


These are some tips you can use to do home renovation or maintenance yourself. However, it is impractical for many because of time shortages or a lack of experience. If that’s the case, you can rely on Home Repair Service.

We have spent 40 years not just fixing homes but renewing them too. HRS has served its customer in Birmingham and North-Central Alabama with efficient and transparent

communications and unbeatable work quality. From doors & windows to paint & decks, we ensure that your home looks the way you like!

Let’s have a talk after that you can decide!

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